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We currently offer in-person programs in the northern Virginia/DC area.

We offer educational programs for all ages on the behavior, ecology, life history, and nonlethal management of beavers.

Being a Beaver (Grades pre-K-1)

Learn the basics of beaver behavior through interactive story, song, puppetry, rhyming, counting, animal yoga, and a castor craft!

Ecosystem Engineers (Grades 2-5)

What’s the difference between a dam and lodge anyway? Learn about the impressive structures these ecosystem engineers create, then use natural materials to work in groups and build like a beaver!

Bog Buddies (Grades 2-5)

Learn about other species of wildlife who share habitat with beavers and how they get along- or don’t! While beavers may have a complicated relationship with their otter neighbors, for example, other animals need these keystone species and the wetlands they create to survive!

Aquatic Animal Adaptations (Grades 2-5)

Through hands-on exploration of biofacts, students will learn about how beavers are so well-adapted for their semi-aquatic lifestyle. With eyelids like goggles, teeth like hatchets, and that distinctive beaver tail, there is so much to learn!

Water Wonder (Grades 2-5)

You can’t learn about beavers without first studying WATER- it’s properties, the way it moves across a landscape, and how it transforms throughout the cycle. This lesson explores what a watershed is, how our own behaviors affect water quality, and why beavers matter.

Castor & Community (Grades 6-8)

What do YOU think about Castor canadensis, the North American beaver? How do our own ideas and attitudes about animals affect the way we interact with them? This program outlines the most common challenges to human-beaver coexistence and explores the issues from the perspectives of both people and wildlife.

Skydiving for Science (Grades 6-8)

Inspired by the true story from 1948, this program explores how restoring nature requires innovation and creative thinking! More recently, beavers act as partners in stream and wetland restoration as scientists and conservationists use techniques such as beaver dam analogs to reduce erosion, return water to the desert, and more.

We also offer adult programs, talks, and workshops!

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“Like beavers, youngsters love to accomplish things, and to cooperate with other animals…”

-Dorothy Richards in Beaversprite: My Years Building an Animal Sanctuary