Got beaver problems?

What is the conflict?

Humans often kill beavers when their damming and tree-chewing behaviors cause problems such as flooding and destroyed vegetation. This approach is ineffective because new beavers will soon move into the empty habitat. Lethal trapping, dam destruction, and culvert unclogging are only temporary solutions that, in the long-run, are expensive and unsustainable.

How is coexistence possible?

Beavers and the wetland habitats they create are beneficial to people, plants, animals, and entire landscapes and watersheds. We believe it is possible for people to share land with live beavers while addressing flooding and tree-chewing problems using long-term, cost-effective solutions.

Why Beavers Build Dams

‘Tis the season to clarify an important question when it comes to understanding why, oh why, beavers do what they do! In our education and outreach work with audiences with all ages, this is one of the most common questions we answer- and for good reason! Beavers are well-known for their building behavior which can…

River Beavers: No Dams Required

To dam or not to dam? The ‘river beavers’ in the incredible camera trap photographs below, from William MacFarland, live on the Anacostia River which flows from Maryland into Washington DC. They build lodges to live in but have no need for dams. Beavers build dams to create water that is deep enough (ideally 3…