Beavers Create Turtle Habitat

To celebrate, here are a few of the ways that beavers, and the wetlands they create, help turtles: Do you know about any research we can add to this list? Please reach out!

Why Beavers Build Dams

‘Tis the season to clarify an important question when it comes to understanding why, oh why, beavers do what they do! In our education and outreach work with audiences with all ages, this is one of the most common questions we answer- and for good reason! Beavers are well-known for their building behavior which can…

River Beavers: No Dams Required

To dam or not to dam? The ‘river beavers’ in the incredible camera trap photographs below, from William MacFarland, live on the Anacostia River which flows from Maryland into Washington DC. They build lodges to live in but have no need for dams. Beavers build dams to create water that is deep enough (ideally 3…

Tree Protection : How to Protect Trees from Beaver Chewing

Materials list If you follow these instructions, you will avoid these common mistakes. If you need more support, schedule a site visit here or contact us to organize a group tree-protection workshop. Happy wrapping!

A Year in the Life of a Beaver

Ever wonder what beavers are up to during each of the four seasons? When we understand beaver life history and how their behaviors change throughout the year, we are more likely to coexist with them successfully!

Beavers Myths Busted

Beavers do not eat fish. Beavers are strictly herbivores, but they don’t eat only trees either! As ‘choosy generalists,’ their diet consists of many species (80+) of woody, herbaceous, and aquatic plants. Most people blame author C. S. Lewis for the common misunderstanding about beaver diet, as he wrote in The Chronicles of Narnia that they eat fish.…

Common Tree-Wrapping Mistakes

Protecting individual trees from beaver chewing is a cheap, long-lasting, nonlethal, and effective coexistence strategy when done correctly. Avoid these common tree-wrapping mistakes so you don’t duplicate effort or waste money on the wrong materials: Inappropriate fencing material- Beavers can chew through chicken wire (pictured below) and other flimsy metal or plastic mesh. We recommend…


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