Our Mission

The Human Beaver Coexistence Fund (HBCF) educates the public about the benefits of coexisting with beavers and provides resources and financial support to address human-beaver conflict using nonlethal management strategies.

We accomplish this mission by offering a cost-share incentive program to help landowners and managers pay for beaver coexistence projects of two types:

Tree Protection: Funds will support landowners in purchasing the materials needed to deter beavers from chewing and felling trees.

Flow Device Installation: Funds will support landowners in installing flow devices to address flooding damage caused by beaver damming behavior.

We also share information and resources, on the ground and online, to educate communities about the benefits of and strategies for coexisting with beavers.

We currently serve Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C., and West Virginia, with plans to expand our reach throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.