Landowner Testimonials

“For those of you with human-beaver conflicts, worry no more! Alison Zak and the Human-Beaver Coexistence Fund can help you manage your problems. She was easy to work with, responsive to emails and texts and got the job done as promised. She came for a site visit, arrived on time, formulated a plan (two actually!) and then sent me a list of needed materials and we chose a date for installation. Again, right on time, she showed up with a crew of volunteers and we built and installed an exclusion fence to go over the standpipe that beavers like to clog. It went very smoothly, and it was fun! In addition, HBCF has a cost-share program to help buy necessary materials. She and her organization were wonderful to work with and I unequivocally recommend them.”

“You’re a tailor-made expert for my problem!”

“We built a flow device a couple months ago and it is working like a dream! We can tell the beaver is still here because he is mounding stuff up in the same spots he did before, but it no longer causes the pond to flood. I call him Doozer, and I hope he stays forever. Thanks a trillion for your help- we couldn’t have done it without you!”

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