HBCF’s First Intern

Meet Jane Braswell

We’re thrilled to welcome Jane, our new intern for the Fall 2023 semester. Jane is working towards her M.Sc. degree at George Mason University, validating tools to better understand wildlife species’ physiological responses to environmental pressures. Her other interests include animal behavior, human-wildlife coexistence, private lands conservation, and data science.

Jane grew up in The Plains, VA, and counts herself lucky to return to the landscape that fostered her connection to nature and fueled her dedication to conservation biology. She’s witnessed firsthand the amazing potential for land stewardship in the region and is excited to lend her skills to advancing HBCF’s goals.

She thinks beavers might just help save the world!

Jane will mostly be helping with our human perceptions of beaver project, but you may see her around at events and coexistence projects too!

She sculpts a mean play-doh beaver dam…

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